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Annual Business Services is a non-government agency that provides a corporate record service to corporations. All our services comply with state legislation regarding corporate meetings while maintaining accurate records of the meetings' proceedings.


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Our goal is to improve your business's performance and assist in the preparation of your annual minutes

Whether you just need help with the preparation of minutes or questions on how to file, Annual Business Services is here to help

We want to help maximize your company's performance. We take our time to get it done right the first time

Why Did I Receive An Order Form?

It is deemed necessary by the state that all corporations actively doing business (active and operating) within the state to retain certain documentation regarding annual corporate meetings including corporate officers, directors and shareholders. We are a third party document preparation service who prepares all of the necessary documents to fulfill that obligation.

Is It Mandatory to Fill Out This Form?

While corporations are required to keep annual minutes, it is not mandatory that you use our preparation service to prepare your minutes. Many businesses choose our company because they find our service to be of great value. Our service is competitively priced and very reasonable when compared to some alternate preparation services, such as corporate attorneys.

Is This Different Than A Corporate Filing Requirement?

Yes, Annual Minute requirements should not be confused with state filing requirements. Our service provides professional annual minute preparation to assist your company in keeping up with the state's annual minute record keeping requirements.

What If I Already Paid?

If you have already paid for or prepared your annual minutes, there is no need to complete the form. You are only required to update your minute documents on an annual basis. These requirements should not be confused with the state's annual filing requirements.

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